Keep Oaktown Affordable is a grassroots community group formed to advocate for Oakland renters.

We are circulating a petition to ask Mayor Schaaf and the Oakland City Council to provide emergency protection to Oakland renters who are being displaced by unreasonable rent increases.

It is no secret that Oakland rents are skyrocketing, pushing out families and young people. Oakland, California had the 2nd highest San Francisco/Bay Area and 3rd highest national rent increases in 2014 according to Reis data referenced in a recent BizJournal article.

What isn't common knowledge is a 1995 state law, Costa-Hawkins, deregulated rent control thereby banning protection across the state for buildings built before certain dates. In Oakland, thousands of tenants living in rental properties built after 1983 and into the future have no city rent control protection, that's 32 years and counting. 

We are proud to support growth and change in our city, and believe pro-development doesn’t have to mean anti-tenant. We have the power to advocate for ourselves before our community is damaged. Oakland residents should be treated fairly - let’s find a solution that is a win for renters, landlords and developers alike.

Join us and hold Mayor Schaaf accountable to her campaign promise to preserve Oakland affordability!